■Max. capacity


40" x 20"

Drilling Coping Marking "MULTI-TASKING"

Combining a CNC Drill (with 3 spindles), a CNC Robotic Coper for standard or complicated plasma cuts, and a marking machine.Each drill has an automatic tool changer to cover tapping, milling, chamfering holes and boring blind holes.

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  • Direct Drive Spindles

    Direct Drive Spindles

    3 spindles with direct drive built-in motor enables a quiet, accurate, powerful and stable drilling / milling condition.

  • Under Web Support

    Under Web Support

    The unit also functions as a height gauge and a bottom scratcher.

  • Auto Tool Changer(ATC) for each drill

    Auto Tool Changer(ATC) for each drill

    Each drill unit has a tool magazine for holes of different diameters, tapping, milling, chamfering and marking. The tools are replaced automatically.

  • 8 Axes Robot Cell (6+2)

    8 Axes Robot Cell (6+2)

    The latest 6 axes MOTOMAN robot, plus the 2 axes MOVING ROBOT BASE expands the plasma torch reach. This improves accuracy of the positioning by avoiding full stretch of robot arms.

  • Underside Cutting / Marking

    Underside Cutting / Marking

    The robot torch can fully cut / mark all four sides, including the underside of a workpiece. Plus when cutting box tubing we only have 2 pierces, which saves tool life.

  • Sliding / Lift-Up Roller Table

    Sliding / Lift-Up Roller Table

    The powered roller table goes out of machine escaping dross for cutting; comes back inside to lift up even deformed workpiece for work feeding.

  • 4 Work Feed Rollers

    4 Work Feed Rollers

    Four work feed rollers are linked together so heavy workpieces can feed smoothly and accurately.

  • Sliding Saddle

    Sliding Saddle

    The pinch rollers loaded saddle slides back and forth to follow up the work feed enabling very accurate positioning.

  • Last Cut Function

    Last Cut Function

    Ensures the workpiece can be accurately fed through the machine and the entire length can be processed with out waste.

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